CHA Academy Courses

At Consulting for Heightened Awareness (CHA) Academy, you will learn about how the trauma bond is formed during narcissistic abuse and more to help you level up your healing and spiritual growth. The courses are easy to navigate, simple, fun, and informative. You gain access to each course for one year and can renew enrollment every year to maintain access to the information for as long as you need to! 

Watch this short video to introduce yourself to the academy! 

Enrolled students will receive a copy of the BTBW magazine and a private community for each course where we can interact with each other, sharing what is learned and asking questions. The community is also a great place for survivors and warriors to support each other during the healing process! 

When you land on the course hosting site, you can choose the one-time payment or make five monthly payments from the price box by clicking on the downward arrow. We accept credit, debit, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, and Google pay! 

You will also see the short video when visiting the course hosting site for additional information!