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Instead of having a bunch of links down in the "Little Bit About Me" section, here you can easily keep track of where this work is on social media platforms!

This page will be updated regularly so you all can keep up with what's going on in the world with CHA and spiritual warriors for Christ. We are, after all, focused on doing God's work here as I continue to consult and coach for heightened awareness, helping survivors heal and grow spiritually with God's wisdom!  

A huge thank you for following, subscribing, and liking all we do on each platform! God bless you, fellow warriors. Love and light, always. 

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Exclusive Video Channel for subscribed Patrons where we dive deeper into the spiritual realm with connections to worldly events and spiritual interpretations of scripture. I branch out from the YouTube Channel and other places to go deeper into topics connected to all things spiritual. A short video about the Patreon channel! 


Note that all funds received go right back into the community to keep these videos coming that you will not see on YouTube or anywhere else.



The Devil in Narciss-I'sm

Cognitive Dissonance 

 Next Door




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