Forensic Consultations

I, Michelle Dickey, am not just a consultant, coach, trauma specialist, author, and minister, I am also a forensic consultant! As a forensic consultant, I can help anyone who needs help analyzing a bizarre case such as a domestic violence case where the victim has no idea what happened to have them land in the hospital. I can examine bruise patterns, abrasion patterns, and more to help the victim find closure! Here is a short YouTube video about these forensic consultations

My forensic background stems from a bachelor's in criminal justice, a master's in forensic toxicology, and a current program for a doctorate in forensic psychology. My forensic education includes forensic medicine and all aspects of criminalistics whereby I investigate various patterns and find clues to fill in any holes in a 'story' told by the person responsible for calling the ER or law enforcement.

There are many victims of domestic violence, aka narcissistic abuse, who never find closure by not knowing what really happened to them. This is deliberate by narcissistic abusers so that the victims have a harder time moving on with their lives and end up in another abusive relationship where similar things occur. By not getting closure about what really happened to them, the cycle of abuse continues. I can forensically analyze all the details of the case and help victims and survivors get the closure they need to help them better understand what happened and educate them about the red flags to watch out for in the future! 

How do we set up a meeting? When you purchase a forensic consultant package, we will communicate via email, phone, or virtual to discuss the case or set up a day and time for me to come to you locally in Orange or Osceola Counties, Florida. If outside of Orange and Osceola Counties, Florida, we will do a virtual forensic analysis as often as convenient until closure is achieved! 

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