Survivor Testimonies

Here are some testimonials from survivors and followers of my teachings. When dealing with narcissistic abuse, cognitive dissonance is a challenge to overcome, but not impossible.

Sometimes it takes a consultant who is an expert in the trauma associated with narcissism and cognitive dissonance to help you sort it all out. 

Understanding cognitive dissonance becomes easier when explained in its simplicity, although there are many components to this spiritual battle we are facing on a daily basis. 


A. H. " Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to let you know how much your words have meant to me and my walk with the Lord. I've watched tons of narcissistic abuse videos throughout the years and NONE speak the word of truth and of spiritual freedom. I was in such despair, feeling hopeless that I would have to be alone forever, in anguish. Then I found you. Your channel has literally changed my life. I'm armored up now, every morning. Praise Jesus. 🤗 I'm no longer wallowing in misery but instead allowing God to.heal.and restore what the enemy has stolen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's so incredible to have a warrior like you on my side. God bless you.
A, fellow warrior 😀

J.A. "How Michelle has helped me. 

Well, first of all, I would like to explain what I was dealing with and how it affected me so that all can see where I came from.

I have a neighbor that lives 250 feet give or take across the street and over from me that was a covert narc. And he is a master gas lighter, manipulator, and exceeded boundaries in terms of pestering me to walk (which seems to be the main thing of his control).

But it was even beyond that.  In summary, he did all that. Made me feel more and more uncomfortable. He also manipulated 2 situations that cost me money. One in which was with a bike he had me ride at night with brakes not working (let alone putting my life in danger) it had a further thing break while riding and dramatized and guilt-tripped to the point I offered to pay and give him 170 ish dollars for something I never should have. He also promised me he was going to a sporting event (prior to me getting the tickets in which each ticket including his was 110 dollars and he manipulated and like last minute not to go leaving me losing 110 dollars although I didn’t give him the money. But it still cost me. luckily someone went but they could not pay but the point is he cost me money.

He was also a very creepy individual and stalkerish. But the pestering stuff, he even did it when I was at someone’s funeral when I was at a company golf outing all day and one time when I was visiting a friend an hour away as exampled. After no response he stopped in front of my home when I pulled out I went around and he followed me. He also spied on me, and one other time he sent a message as ran by our houses, “I see you running.” Very creepy.

So throughout all this, it became so toxic I was unable to enjoy anything I did. I would greatly alter my habits to not be seen by him. I would even go in the garage when getting home and close it and enter the garage entry door through the attached garage every day as well as when leaving. I would wait til 11 pm to snow plow so it was dark out, I would go to various malls to walk instead of around the neighborhood for a while. When I finally got back out again, I literally had neighbors 10 houses down on my street who knew me and my normal habits tell me their next-door neighbors were worried something happened to me. This is what this toxic behavior led to.

So that is a starting point.

Now, I did 8 years ago experience a covert narc before. A female that I liked who made me think she liked me but would do the old carrot and stick, but again, it wasn’t just some cute girl using me, I could have handled that but the vindictive nature and unpredictably of the nastiest things anyone ever said to me, I always walked on egg shells. So I spent 3 years 10 hours a day straight learning about narcissism and what to do. And even with that, this threw me for a loop, however, it helped me recognize it within 4 months instead of 1 or 2 years.



J.M. "What the reviewer said is exactly why I feel you are so effective in your work, because you don’t bog people down with clinical terms. You really are so encouraging and make it all so easy to comprehend. Little light bulbs keep going off each time I listen to one of your videos. Oftentimes I will listen to them more than once and right away for a second time. Sometimes a third!! It’s crazy to me just how much there is to really let hit our minds so that we can truly grasp it all.

It is also such a blessing because it keeps me in self-checking mode always. Repentance is beautiful!! I see the ways in which I had become a broken and toxic person by default of all the abuse and gaslighting, belittling and gossiping. I used to be so angry and so sooooooo sad. I hated myself because I was conditioned to. But I knew deep down inside I was actually just a very joyful person and wanted to be my true self. I just was never given the space or acceptance to. I think it was the biggest blessing even though it hurt, was to overhear those things they said about me, they didn’t think I would ever hear.

But all that to say it’s led me to this place of awakening and learning and not being afraid to have the Lord and his vessels awaken me further to my own faults and wrong way of being."
Note: The reviewer that is mentioned here is the editorial reviewer, which can be located in the description of the book titled "Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse: Someone's Survival Guide," on this website under "My Books." And the videos this survivor is referring to are those on the YouTube channel. 

S.N. “Great post! Cognitive Dissonance or more simply put, confusion almost destroyed me. Massive confusion (CD) kept me in an abusive marriage for 32 years. I look forward to reading, learning, and sharing in your space.”


G.W. “Thank you for that, you're the 1st person that cleared it up for me! Confusion.. that makes it so much easier to understand! I've been gaslighted and confused my entire life but trying to get my head straight now. It's amazing how much more clarity and healing power you can have when you're away from your abuser!”


J.S. “Thank you, Michelle! I just found your Space and am grateful for the platform. At 2 weeks short of 59 years of age, I'm beginning to become aware of CD as it's contributed to my complex PTSD. Thank you, I look forward to learning.” 


C.Y. “I so appreciate you creating this space, after reading what you wrote my heart and soul just knew it was something I needed to be a part of, especially as I am on my healing journey, in hopes to help others once I feel qualified to do so…much love & light to you, & Thank you.”


M. “Wow never heard of this! It’s exactly what I have done in order to function in the elusive fake relationship I was in with my ex narc. Knowledge is powerful and very healing, it explains so much! Love Quora! so insightful now that I think back on that toxic relationship and toxic coworkers! It’s all making sense! Thanks so much for taking the time to educate us! it’s so healing!🤍.” 


And then learning how narcissism is the work of the devil brings its own challenges to overcome. 

J.T. “Thank you for this space Michelle. I am a firm believer that Narcs are demonic. I'm SO glad you have opened people's eyes to see the truth in these toxic relationships.”


B.L. “I am so grateful to have found this space, thank you for creating and for all of the incredibly valuable information here. I am looking forward to what is to come! God Bless!”


N.M. “Thank you for inviting me. Much appreciated as the platform introduces you to so much information from people who experience narcissist. I try to tell people around me about NPD but they don't want to hear or believe it. They are just not ready. SAD.” 


As more people continue to wake up from the brain fog associated with cognitive dissonance and reconnect with their spiritual bodies, narcissism as the devil's game suddenly makes sense.

Working all that out is key to finding inner peace and happiness that lies inside the Kingdom of God that is already within you! 

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