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Simplifying Complexity

CHA Academy

An eLearning community for leveling up trauma healing and spiritual growth with God's wisdom, basic scientific facts, tried and true techniques and more! You can learn more by clicking on “view.”


Consulting for Heightened Awareness: YouTube Channel

Mission Statement

Breaking the Trauma Bond to The World to Find Inner Balance

CHA's mission is to help trauma survivors find clarity within, overcoming trauma triggers and any obstacles they may be facing to become the best version of themselves that God created. The trauma bond to the world is best explained as unhealthy attachments to things and people that causes resistance to personal growth. Once clarity is achieved and obstacles overcome, we start to live our best lives as the best version of ourselves!

Everyone has a little bag of hidden talents and gifts inside them that they may not know exists. Unpacking that bag is one key to finding balance and happiness within. Inside that bag is abundance for prospering and spiritual growth.

Using the frameworks of positive psychology and spirituality, I focus on what is right, not what is wrong, and what can be done to find that inner balance on a case-by-case basis. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to every circumstance. Every survivor can book a session when they are ready!

I follow the highest ethical standards with survivors' confidentiality and safety. I do not believe in nor practice re-traumatization.  

You can view the Terms of Service at the bottom of this website. 

Learn to stop living in fear to reconnect in mind, body, and spirit! 1 John 4:18

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