CHA's Blog Page

Consulting for Heightened Awareness's (CHA) blog page contains various components for healing and spiritual growth with additional tips and insights to help you navigate through the process with God's wisdom. When covering specific topics in the monthly newsletter, we want to include additional insights to elaborate on the content that will help trauma survivors overcome everything associated with the spiritual battle for the mind and trauma itself. 

You are not alone fellow warriors! The blog postings are packed with God's wisdom and basic facts of life to help you overcome the different stages in the healing process post-narcissistic abuse. Even if you are still in a sticky situation, these posts and other content will help you deal with whatever it is you need help with to get to the other side of that rainbow where you obtain the balance between the spiritual and the physical. 

CHA's blog page! 

Plus, you can always check out the videos available below to help you remember that you are not along and that what you are experiencing after being awakening to and from the abuse is normal. You are having normal reactions to an abnormal circumstance! The page links are listed below for quick access and you can download them on up to 3 devices. Thank you for your continued support!