Real Talk Videos & Video Requests

Videos to help you get further along in your healing and spiritual growth! What you experience during and after the abuse is normal. You are not crazy! Having normal reactions to an abnormal situation is human nature. And all of it can and will be overcome. These videos do not contain ads! 

While we do have real-talk on YouTube and other social platforms, these videos are for you to obtain further real-world connections to what is going on during the healing and spiritual growth process post-narcissistic abuse and even while going through the abuse. Each one will serve as a great addition to sessions and other content we have out there about the spiritual awakening and God's reality! 

They are in MP4 format, which means they will download to your device and can be opened with an approved application. You can download them on up to three devices, as with all digital products on this website. Each video product contains a video description to let you know what content you are getting. Enjoy and thank you in advance! 

Have a video request? You can send your video request to and let me know if you would like the video to appear on YouTube or here for your personal digital bookshelf.