CHA Bible Study Treasure Hunt

Welcome to CHA's bible study treasure hunt! You will find the hidden scripture treasures that accompany those 'dots' found in some Quora questions answered. Each Quora question with a 'dot' will have some scripture associated with it for those who are ready to dive into Bible study. Why is it a treasure hunt? 

If you check the homepage, you will see Matthew 6:21 where Jesus tells us that where our treasure is, there will be our hearts also! Below in this collection, you will see a title that reflects the Quora question and a link to 'find' the scripture treasure associated with the 'dot.' Once you click on the treasure link, you will see the KJV version and when you swipe to the left, you will see the NLT version. Enjoy! 


Dot 1: The emptiness inside the narcissistic abuser is a void, a black hole, much like desolate land. The land is representative of our bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit! Narcissistic abusers are a desolate land for lacking the fullness of the Godhead. What does God tell us about this? You will find the treasure here


Dot 1.5: Narcissistic abuse is all the wickedness that God tells us not to engage in or we will not inherit the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the mind where our creativity resides to co-create with our Creator. To bear fruit, we must create. The abusers do not create, they copy and destroy (themselves). What does God say about this? You will find the treasure here


Dot 2: The narcissistic abusers know they are abusing. They choose to abuse and serve the devil by doing his bidding to dish out that abuse. They don't know the 'why,' but they do know their abusive behaviors are wrong and don't care. When we are awakened to and from that abuse, we have a choice to make - God or narcissism. What does God say? You will find the treasure here


Dot 2.5: Narcissistic abusers play head games to induce confusion and cause the trauma bond. We learn that these head games are deliberate by the enemy to keep people unstable and divided. Narcissistic abusers have a double mind so they project that outward to their targets as well. Because of their double minds, they cause confusion due to their envy and need to cause strife. What does God say about envy, strife, and confusion? You will find the treasure here


Dot 3: The trauma bond to the narcissistic abuser and to the world is very real and is what the enemy wants us to have. The trauma bond associated with narcissism and abuse is designed to keep people living in fear and not walking by faith. When people are living in fear, they develop unhealthy attachments to people and things. The enemy knows this too and that is why he wants people trauma bonded to worldly things instead of following Jesus. What does God say about this? You will find the treasure here


Dot 3.5: Why we are targeted by narcissistic abusers! We learn later on once we realize that all that abuse is the very persecution that Jesus endured that we are God's chosen people. Our empathy and compassion are gifts from God and we learn how to manage and control these things. We learn that we are also divinely protected by God! The enemy knows we are not to be touched and that he must obey God when it comes to not harming His elects. What does God say? You will find the treasure here

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