Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse: Someone’s Survival Guide - Digital

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The digital PDF copy of my story and additional information about narcissism with God's spiritual truths! You can read editorial reviews for the book to gain additional insight into why the reviewers are recommending this book and why. With a straight-to-the-point approach, this survival guide will last a million lifetimes and help save others from getting trapped in a narcissistic abuse situation. 

If you need the free adobe reader to view the PDF download on your PC, you can download that here

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1 for you to preview:

" Oh yes, right out of high school, graduating a year early, I met a young man who was 21 and we immediately hit it off. I remember learning in the two rose tinted lenses reality that there was such a thing as love at first sight and that is what it felt like. My dad, a wise man, kept trying to tell me it wasn’t love, but why would I, at 17, listen to him anyway? The ‘love of my life’ was so romantic, and I had no idea where the relationship would go, but I was ready for the ride. It started the same way most dating relationships do. We hung onto every word we each had to say. We spent as much time together as we possibly could."