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About Ms. Michelle Dickey & CHA

CHA's Blog

Consulting for Heightened Awareness's (CHA's) YouTube Channel!

Highlights & Live Broadcasts

CHA Academy & CHA's Live Shows

CHA Academy offers courses and memberships to help you level up your trauma healing and spiritual growth. The trauma bond course helps you stop getting trauma bonded to narcissists. How to Deal with Toxic Coworkers helps you learn how to deal with narcissists in any environment. You can learn more and view the courses by visiting CHA Academy!

CHA's Live Shows

CHA's Let's Just Chat Show on Sundays @2pm ET, Wednesday - Friday between 2pm and 5 pm ET (God willing). Or Live on Instagram Wednesdays between 2-5 pm ET.

CHA's Motivational Monday Show on Monday's @4pm ET.

CHA's Live Truth Seeker Podcast on Tuesdays @2:30 pm ET.

CHA's Saturday Bible Study on Saturdays @4:00 pm ET.

Simplifying The Complex

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