The Battle We Face Is Internal, Not External

Sometimes life throws its curve balls and we often fail to see the progress we have made to get where we are today. 

Let us take a moment and reflect on how far we have come in life, no matter what the circumstances may be. As mentioned elsewhere, it is too easy to get caught up in negativity, which tends to cloud our thought process. When clouded, we can find ourselves sinking, almost like we got stuck in quicksand. 

During those moments, it is difficult to employ forward thinking to see the progress we have made so far. When under a cloud of negativity, our vision gets blurred by external forces. Then we start to think we are fighting an external battle. The truth is that we are fighting an internal battle.

Until we overcome the internal battle, by connecting in mind, body, and spirit, we will not be able to discern what outside “battles” are real and which ones are fake. Conquering that internal battle encompasses breaking the trauma bond with the world. This does not mean we have to throw away all of our stuff and fall off the grid. 

I go into more detail about this internal battle in my books, and on YouTube

Breaking the trauma bond with the world simply means getting rid of unhealthy attachments with materialistic things of this world. After all, we aren’t taking that “stuff” with us where Jesus is taking us. We won’t need anything that is of this world where He is taking us. Why? Because He has a whole lot more in abundance waiting for us! Isn’t that beautiful?

Having unhealthy attachments to things of this world causes a dependency on external validation. That dependency leads to emotional dysregulation. We don’t need to be propped up on a pedestal, as that is an example of idolatry. It also leads people into believing they are in competition with other people. 

The belief we are competing against others is part of the fake external battle. It also keeps us from seeing how far we have come in this life. If on the healing journey from abuse, this belief can hinder that process, and prevent us from seeing the positive aspects of our journey. 

The same applies to any journey we may find ourselves on. When we can see even the smallest of accomplishments, it goes a long way to repairing our internal sense of worth. Staying focused on the positive components of our lives gives a great sense of internal validation. We can then see why external forces are not as important as the internal forces.

How do we stop fighting the external battle so we can focus on overcoming the internal one? By ridding ourselves of that dependency on external validation. In the free monthly newsletters, I will be touching on some key points about how we get trauma bonded to the world. The July newsletter focuses on external validation. 

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