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You can access my books right here on this website! Print versions are now available from Lulu Direct. The eBook versions under "More Published Writings" are still available also, but some of you may prefer a hardcover copy and now you can enjoy reading off-screen! 

Note: At the time the first two books, How Narcissism is the Work of the Devil and How Narcissism is Bred, were published, we were on Rumble. We are no longer on that platform. We are on YouTube and Patreon now. Plus, I was in a different season of life as God was renewing my mind, so He steps in to correct me as needed and updates to the first two books will be made. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

You can also choose the PDF format right from this page. Great news! You can download the PDF copy up to three times, for example, once on the phone, once on a tablet, and once on the PC so you have a copy to read anywhere you go. 

Most smartphones and tablets have PDF viewer capabilities, but if you need that feature on a PC, here is the place to download the free adobe reader that will open all PDF files! 

Also, you can learn more about this work on my YouTube channel where I talk about various aspects of the spiritual battle between narcissists and empaths:

Narcissism & Cognitive Dissonance 

Thank you for watching and for your support! 

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