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Book Reviews

Editorial and independent book reviews for Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse: Someone's Survival Guide are listed below to give you a great overview and synopsis of how the book is inspirational, motivational, and educational. You will also find links to author interviews and learn why the book is highly recommended for all library shelves around the world. 

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The US Review of Books

Review by Maria A. Hughes

"They have got to be able to mirror you and that includes pretending to be a chosen one by using God as a gateway."

Trauma comes in many forms, and some varieties are so subtle that, unless one sees (or is shown) the pattern, it's difficult to detect and avoid the ensnaring trap until it is too late. Dickey uses her own traumatic experiences of being in multiple abusive relationships to help others see similar signs in their own—patterns that she did not recognize until much later in life. The author specifically focuses on assisting those who may be in a relationship with a partner that exhibits narcissistic tendencies. Some of the patterns noted in the book associated with clinical narcissistic behavior include, but are not limited to, an exaggerated sense of self-worth and feelings of superiority over others, being charming yet controlling, extreme jealousy, gaslighting, and ensnaring others with special favors while expecting unquestioning compliance.

The author has crafted a powerful and palpable narrative, elucidating on each pattern through the lens of her own experiences and truth. Unlike mainstream articles or press on narcissism, her words are not bogged down with clinical terms or details that disassociate the very-real trauma with the condition. Instead, they are honest, heartfelt, to the point, and down-to-earth, successfully reaching the audience the book is intended for. Each relationship experience outlined is a bite-sized piece of wisdom, coupled with spirituality and clinical precision, pulling no punches on the specific patterns that the author became aware of upon reflection. Her words are a beacon of light and hope for those who may not realize that they are in abusive relationships themselves or who may not know how to escape them. The author's book will appeal to readers who are both spiritual and seeking help and counseling through either their current or past trauma with narcissistic abuse.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review


 BookView Review | 5-Star Rating! 

"Dickey offers survivors of narcissism helpful guidance for self-protection, resolution, and complete healing in her latest book. She states that narcissistic people are everywhere to find. They could be your romantic partner, friend, co-worker, or family member. To deal with narcissism, you need to be aware of the abuse that they direct on you. Drawing on her personal experience, including her romantic relationships, friendships, and experience with co-workers, Dickey helps the reader recognize the telltale signs of narcissistic behavior along with the long-lasting effects of this emotional abuse, and how it all ties into the spiritual battle between narcissists and empaths. Arguing that narcissism is a spiritual disorder, Dickey says the only cure for narcissism is Jesus. She stresses that all of us engage in some narcissistic behavior due to societal influence, but when we learn those behaviors are the ones for the wicked, we repent. But a true psychopath is unable to differentiate between right and wrong. Filled with wisdom and insights, Dickey’s writing provides the tools you need to validate the effects of narcissistic abuse. She offers a transformative path both for victims and survivors, creating guidelines for resolution. The book will help you to release and heal the pain and claim a new life, while navigating your path toward liberation and personal empowerment."

BookView Review Author Interview


Literary Titans Review | Awarded the Silver Star! 

"Abuse can present itself in a multitude of different ways; through her book Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse, Michelle Dickey shares some of the intimate details of her life where she may have encountered narcissistic personalities. She explores her previous romantic relationships as well as those with co-workers etc. and explains where things started to go wrong in each unique situation. Finally, through finding God and developing her thinking, thanks to the uncomfortable and sometimes horrible experiences she has had, she shares with the reader how she managed to keep going.

The book’s tone is very casual, with sentences such as ‘Anyway, back to the new dude’ integrated through the text. This makes it informal and conversational, which allows the reader to feel like they are interacting with Michelle Dickey directly. This style makes the more horrific elements, such as stalking or rape, more comfortable to discuss and relatable for the reader.

These are just a few of the relevant and pertinent themes that run throughout this writing piece. Another key aspect of this book is the religious references; this has been a vital part of the autobiographical accounts of Dickey, a substantial piece of her life that has helped her grow as a person in her own way.

The author provides beneficial life experiences in her book, and it has the ability to help the reader spot potential signs of narcissistic behavior. In addition, some parts may help someone else in a similar situation if they are like Dickey themselves. However, these are extremely specific scenarios that the writer had to deal with and managed to overcome.

Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse is one woman’s memoir on surviving narcissistic abusive relationships. She tells her story to help other people identify the red flags early on and know to get out of those situations. The author has relied on her spiritual beliefs to get through these moments and offers references for those who need them."

Literary Titan Author Interview 


Midwest Book Review by D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

"Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse: Someone's Survival Guide charts both the author's own experiences identifying and surviving narcissistic abuse and the tips and lives of others in similar positions.

Many memoirs and mental health guides have been written about narcissism, but having a survey rooted in a relationship analysis replete with religious self-inspection and spiritual awakening adds an extra dimension to the discussion that informs readers about this form of abuse and its lasting impact.

Michelle Dickey's book is not a singular presentation. Various scenarios of narcissistic behavior patterns are covered in chapters that include workplace abuse as well as interpersonal relationships, painting a picture of the common phrases, scenarios, and methods narcissists employ as they act out "inner demon issues."

More than an account of the actions and impact of narcissism, however, Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse focuses on the kinds of healing and recovery approaches that represent empowerment on spiritual and psychological levels alike. This gives readers keys to addressing their own interactions with narcissists as it reveals the narcissist's typical and special patterns of abuse and repression.

Dickey's candid analysis of her own repeated patterns and the red flags she missed provides ample warning to others who may find themselves in similar situations: "Although we had a few couple spats along the way, we managed to work through them, which is another reason I was willing to marry him. What I failed to see as the red flag was the extreme verbal abuse that he would dish out during some of those spats. Yes, I was being trauma bonded in a very covert way. So, the cognitive dissonance let me move forward with planning the wedding."

With so much modern focuses on the circumstances and impact of narcissistic personalities in the world, Real Events of Narcissistic Abuse: Someone's Survival Guide needs to be in a wide range of library collections. It should be part of faith-based self-help and mental health libraries, as well as on the reading lists of discussion groups interested in women's issues, marriage, and social concerns.

Its profiles and messages should not be missed. Competing books seldom are covered with the detail and depth of this important survival guide."


 NetGalley Independent Reviewer, Susan Hedgepeth:

"WOW!!!!!! Sadly, this book was so relatable on many different levels. Dickey did an amazing job of compiling these real-life encounters of narcissistic abuse into a book that many others will, unfortunately, be able to identify with. Heartbreaking in every way imaginable but a must-read for others experiencing this."


Published Articles 

During a season before I knew that narcissism is a spiritual disorder. While there is such a thing as a drug use disorder, the other stuff doesn't jive with the spirit anymore regarding behaviors associated with abuse, regardless of substance use. This article serves as a great introduction to cannabis use and psychosis! 

The Covert Inducer: Narrative Commentary of Marijuana in the 21st Century

Another article during a season when I was still learning about narcissism. This one also provides insights and the harsh truth is, a lot of this still rings true to this day. 

The Mind of a Technocrat: Cognitive Dissonance and Narcissism on Steriods