Stop Watching Water Boil! It Will Lead You to Disappoint Yourself

Have you ever stood over a pot of water to watch it come to a boil? Then it seems like it takes forever, doesn’t it? 

We waste time when we stand there, waiting on the water to boil. There are other little things we could be doing instead that are more productive. Eventually, the water will come to a boil and then we finish cooking whatever it is we are making. While we waited, we got that load of clothes folded and put away.  

Or we finished typing a couple more paragraphs for a homework assignment. There are a million or more small tasks we can accomplish while the water is coming to a boil. This same concept applies to other areas in life that tie into learning to let patience have her perfect works. We start an online gig, be it video or blogging, vlogging, or other activity that needs an audience to grow. 

Thanks to the system of narcissism, and the indoctrination of impatience, many have been conditioned to self-disappoint because they are under the impression that an online presence will explode overnight. This is completely false! Like everything else in life, building a base audience takes time. There will be days where we see growth and days where there is no growth. It comes with the territory. 

What can we do in the meantime? Well, for starters, we are not going to be very good at whatever we started in the beginning. Like our first several videos are going to suck. That’s a truth. We learn from our failures and continue to improve our craft. With all the helpful “how to” blogs, videos, and other tools available, it is easier than ever to work on improving our techniques and style. 

And we don’t need to worry about what others think! Caring what others thing is another form of negative thinking. Let that sink in. If everyone spends time honing their skills and techniques based on what others think, they are not being original. Sure, we all adopt certain criteria that fits or suits our objective, but the content we put out there needs to have some originality within. Something unique that sets us apart from the crowd. 

The importance of being authentic cannot be stressed enough. If we go out there and do nothing but imitate someone else, which is idolatry, we will shoot ourself in the foot. Remember, we are not to create an idol for ourselves!! The devastation that follows if we do that is our punishment from God for breaking one of His commandments. We need to be ourselves and create original content that will benefit others. 

At the same time, we need to let God’s plan work! He gave us a talent and continues to provide wisdom. We must let Him do His work too while we are learning. We grow as we learn. And we will eventually see everything we have been working on come to a boil, finally allowing us to finish what we started. But it doesn’t end there! 

We are now free to start on other projects while we keep updating and building upon the strong foundation that allowed us to create the projects in the first place.

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