Some Battles are Not Our Battles

During the healing process, it can become a little overwhelming when we are back out in the world. We are trying to discover our purpose and because we are no longer in a toxic and abusive situation, the world loves to throw a ton of garbage our way. 

One thing many of us learn on this spiritual awakening journey is that not every battle out there in the world is ours to fight. Once we re-discover the new version of ourselves and recognize God's purpose for us, we unlearn a ton of worldly things. We realize what battles are mere distractions and what our real battle is inside the spiritual battle. 

After all, the only battle we are truly fighting is the spiritual battle and as stated often in YouTube videos, it begins within. We are to resolve the battle within ourselves first before God can even send us back out into the sea of what I call "sea of toxicity" because without regulated emotions, we are going to get pulled in too many different directions all at once. 

Our Heavenly Father knows all about this and that is why He wakes us up at His appointed time to the truths about the world we live in. Many of us find ourselves getting caught up in things that don't pertain to our purpose for a long time, but eventually, when we wake up, we realize that is the work of the enemy to try and knock us off of God's path. Once we resolve the spiritual battle within, then we are regulated emotionally and we are ready to battle in the spiritual realm in this fallen world. 

Everything is a process, as I say often, and we learn in the spiritual realm not to rush it or try to make it move faster than God designed it to move. It's all part of that relearning we have to go through and let patience have her perfect works. All these battles out there are what I like to call matrixes. I talk more about that on the exclusive Patreon channel, a place where we dive deeper into spiritual connections to the spiritual battle and the fallen world. After all, real-world connections to what we are seeing helps put things in better perspective. 

But how do I know what battles to fight and which ones not to fight in the fallen world? This is a common question and the answer is to ask God. Once we learn about the spiritual energy transfer and stop allowing chaos in our lives, we can tell what fits with our purpose and what doesn't. Here is a real-world example that will help: 

If our calling is to help heal others, we are automatically going to know anything that goes against Jesus's teachings is not our battle. In the beginning of this journey, I thought I would only be helping survivors of abuse who were single. God fixed that. He told me that there is tons of misinformation going around about narcissistic abuse from "earthly" creatures who are just going along for the ride and that many are being misled to think their partner is a narcissistic abuser. 

As stated elsewhere, there are very specific characteristics of narcissism that only those of us who are in the spiritual realm know about. So I am able to help couples work it out and to remedy any concerns a spouse may have as to whether their partner is a true narcissistic abuser. That is part of my battle and it aligns with God's purpose for me. Now, back to how you know what battle is yours and what battle is not...

Do you sense and see the battle is causing division and strife? It's not your battle. Do you sense and see the battle is causing mental and emotional turmoil? It's not your battle. Let me clarify this one. If the battle is counterproductive to your calling, it's not your battle. When you know your calling, then you will know your battles. 

Remember, there are sessions Tuesday through Sunday available every week to help you sort through the mud and the muck in this fallen world. The spiritual battle is very real. Many don't want to accept it and many refuse its existence. But those of us who have seen and experienced some strange things know exactly how real it is. 

I am a consultant and coach you can count on to listen and believe your story because guess what? I have been there too. When it comes to spiritual stuff, the world likes to look at you like you have three heads. Not me. I know it's not my job to judge and God didn't make me that way. Narcissistic abusers are the judgmental ones. 

And remember, always listen to that intuition that will tell you if a battle is yours to fight. I like to think of it this way - does this sound familiar and has this been going on already for decades? Hmmm. Is this just another repeated cycle of the fallen world? Learning to recognize lies and deceit takes time but it's totally doable! 

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