Learned Helplessness is Another External Force That Can Be Overcome

There are many things in this system of narcissism that are designed to get people living in a state of learned helplessness. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Many people will find themselves in a mental state of, “Oh well. Nothing I can do,” when faced with disappointment. It is understandable because we learn as we grow, but if we aren’t growing in wisdom, we won’t be able to overcome feeling helpless. There are a ton of opportunities out there in the world to explore. 

Why do people end up in a mental state of helplessness? Because of psychological and emotional abuse. It is also because of that cloud of cognitive dissonance. See, when we desire something, we send out a certain energy and negative spirits (aka demon spirits) can sense that. Those negative spirits will start to play mind games with you. 

I go into more detail about these demonic spirits in my books about narcissism and the three different realities. 

They want us to get tricked into thinking there isn’t anything we can do when something doesn’t go quite as planned. Or when our hopes get crushed. In fact, the little demon spirits love it when we crash our own hopes. Yep. We do a lot of things to ourselves because we still haven’t conquered that internal battle yet. 

Let me provide a very good example, and many may not know this yet. Have you been spending a ton of time filling out applications for a job on these various online “recruitment” sites? Oh, then you want to keep reading. 

In this system of narcissism, the mental gymnastics is rampant and all of the mind games are designed to create “illusions.” With deception at the very core of the spiritual battle, there are many things made to look legit to keep people feeling “stuck.” The online job forums are just one of many areas in this battle to trick people into accepting learned helplessness. 

So you have well over 100 applications out there and no one is calling you for an interview. You know you have the qualifications because you carefully selected the position based on your experience and education. Why is no one responding? Newsflash - because that was a fake position all along. Remember, there are also a ton of job scams out there too. 

At the same time, there are a lot of fake job postings. But why? It is all part of the systems scheme to make things appear bigger and better than they really are, just to get people to give up and give in. The system wants people to cave and give up their hopes and desires. A little research on this will help you connect the dots here. 

It is part of the emotional manipulation to control you. Here is how it works: you see a job posting that matches your skills and you can put a check mark next to almost every job criteria. How excited are you because the pay rate also matches what you have been looking for? Up goes the hope and desire as you fill out the application and start to wait for a call.

One week, two weeks, three weeks go by, and in week four you start to wonder why you haven’t heard anything back. You decide to reach out to check on the status of your application, only to be met with silence, again. I liken this to the silent treatment we see in the narcissistic abuse cycle. Now you start to second guess yourself, wondering if there is something wrong with your resume. 

But no, you carefully checked everything to make sure it aligned with the position. Then what could it possibly be? You then start to doubt your abilities and start going on a different route, applying to other lesser positions. Still no response. Over time, this can cause a person to start applying to tons of jobs they don’t want. It is what I call chasing your tail. 

It is all part of the larger scheme of things in the societal abuse. Designed to keep you down and hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. What can you do to overcome that never ending cycle of the up-down, up-down emotional roller coaster ride? Stop. Take a deep breath. Reignite your inner passion. And get off the online job boards. Print a few copies of your original resume and get out there, in person, to pursue your goal. 

How do I know this? Because I have done it and it works. After learning about how many fake job postings are floating around to make it look like there are a ton of jobs out there, I got off my behind and went out there. Whether you like it or not, temp agencies are a great place to get started. Go in person! They may have you set up a portal with them online, but meet in person first. 

Keep in mind, it may take a few agencies before you find the one that will work for you. But don’t give up. And of course, these are just suggestions but they are real. If you are tired of sitting around, filling out job applications on these online platforms and tired of the dangling carrot effect, what else have you got to lose? 

You can only go upward from here and get out of that state of learned helplessness. We are sometimes forced to get out there and make it happen. We live in a very lazy society. Don’t be like that. It doesn’t have to be that way. And also keep in mind to be realistic about the job you are seeking. Putting away any preconceived notions that your qualifications should land you that “dream job” right away will help tremendously. 

Sometimes it takes a few stepping stones to get there. Never give up! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make it happen. You have it already inside you to do that, inside that little bag of talents God gave you. Need additional proof it works? 

I went from delivering pizza to a normal office job by visiting a temp agency right smack dab in the middle of the lockdowns in 2020. Now I am running this consulting and coaching practice, full-time, while finishing my doctorate program. And finishing other writing projects. Steeping stones. You can do it!


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