Don’t Give in to Negative Thoughts! That’s the Devil Trying to Knock You Down

Some like to say we are blaming the devil for our failure and that cannot be further from the truth. We are merely pointing out what the evil of this world is and how it operates. 

Whether or not we like it, the evil we face on a daily basis is a spiritual battle that starts within. As stated elsewhere, we are responsible for calming that battle by choosing righteousness over narcissism. So many out there are crept in unawares and they will remain in the darkness they create for themselves. 

How do they create the darkness they live in? They choose narcissism and continue to believe all the lies and deceit floating around out there in the world. A lot of them continue to look outside themselves for a quick fix to their internal battle, which only puts a bandaid on their problems. 

The bandaid eventually comes off and they are struck, once again with the self-inflicted shame and guilt. They lash out at others, aka abuse, in an attempt to alleviate that pain by projecting it onto everyone else. We are the ones who cause our suffering. Man destroys man. Not the Heavenly Father. But many still don’t get it as they continue to point the finger at God or anyone within earshot.

The negativity that comes from the mouths of abusers is astounding. And the hypocrisy is obvious when they try to present themselves as good to the public while abusing people behind closed doors. But here is the kicker - they don't just abuse behind closed doors.

When we stop and think for ourselves, the negative talk sends out negative energy, which is felt by anyone within arms reach. Hence the importance of being careful when speaking. The negative talk promotes negative thinking. Negative thinking leads to a victim mentality.

While it seems difficult to fight off negative energy and negative thinking, it is doable. How? By changing our mindset! We have to change our thinking and tell those negative thoughts to take a hike.

Remember, anything negative feeds the beast in this system of narcissism that surrounds us. We cannot control the system of narcissism, but we can control how we respond. The best defense against negativity is the word of God. Staying positive and optimistic becomes our new life goal while doing the work that our Heavenly Father has put us here to do, to please Him, not man. Once our awareness is heightened, we realize that we will no longer please this world. 

The devil is the prince of this world. The system of narcissism with all its abusive shenanigans are designed to keep us from ever discovering that we already have it inside us to tell evil energies and thoughts to screw off. We have the power and authority inside that Jesus gave us, and the world doesn't want us to know that. By pushing the negative thoughts onto people, the devil keeps everyone down so he and his flying monkeys can continue feeling superior. 

Don't let them do it! Stay focused, keeping your loins girt about in truth, God's truth, and you will see positive changes take place. God will quicken you in your awakening as He builds you upward. 

I go into a little more detail about how narcissism is full of negativity in my books.

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