Dealing With Difficult People in The System of Narcissism

Dealing with difficult people can a challenge, but we overcome that challenge by understanding how the spiritual energy works. 

As mentioned previously elsewhere, learning how the spiritual energy works is paramount to thwarting fiery darts of the wicked. It is very easy to get sucked into the low vibrational pull that is projected by negative people. We can tell when there is a shift in energetic forces when we are connected in mind, body, and spirit. 

Remember, one of the many goals of narcissism is to get us to stop paying attention to our intuition. We can sense when others are up to no good, but if easily influenced by negative energy, we can fall from grace. That is what the wicked spirits want - to knock us off of God’s path for us. 

I go into a little more detail about the system of narcissism my books and on my YouTube channel. Once we have a good understanding of how the narcissists are demon spirits attached to the human mind, we understand exactly why we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. 

One of many reasons the demon spirits need to knock us down is to fuel the darkness of this world by eliciting negative reactions from us. The negative energy is full of complaining, gossiping, backstabbing, lying, and all other wicked behaviors found throughout scripture. The wicked behaviors feed the beast while tricking us into going against God’s wishes. 

We can all reflect back to a time where we found ourselves caught up in negative conversations with others. During that season of life, we didn’t know what we know today. After we re-connect in mind, body, and spirit, we start to notice how others are not on the same vibration as we are. So they become difficult people we must learn to deal with, by not dealing with them. 

Those difficult people will try to poke and prod to see if they can get an emotional reaction out of us, and we call those demon spirits narcissists. They are the flying monkeys of the devil, as mentioned elsewhere. Their job is to keep trying to knock us off the spiritual ladder because we become stronger with the power and authority given to us by our Savior, Jesus. That makes the demon spirits uncomfortable. 

Because the negative energy is disrupted by our presence, the narcissists, who are always uncomfortable in their skin, will try to project that onto us. When we understand that the negative vibes are theirs and not ours, we learn to thwart the fiery darts and turn them over to God. After all, the only thing we are destined to do is to please our Heavenly Father, not people. 

When we grow our personal relationship with the Godhead, we have no reason to ever ignore our intuition nor to fear thy enemy. We know those negative vibes are not ours and we no longer hang onto the childish things of this world. Remember, we cannot please the world, and darkness hates light. Keep on shining and vibe higher because God’s purpose for us is individual and unique. His love is one of a kind; a kind the narcissists will never know. 

We learn how to turn their negative vibes into positive vibes to do God’s will.

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