Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

Employee Behavioral Analysis Consultation - 1 Week

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Virtual Employee Behavioral Analysis Consultation - 1 Week

Are you a business owner looking for help with analyzing troublesome employees? As a behavioral analyst consultant, I can help you understand what is going on with troublesome employees based on things seen and unseen in the physical and spiritual. 

The analysis is conducted Tuesday through Sunday for the virtual or visiting package you choose. I perform the analysis based on the information you provide about the employee's or employees' behaviors. 

After purchase, we communicate by email, phone, or virtual meeting to set up the best days and times for us to meet and exchange information privately. There is no violation of privacy and I operate with the highest ethical guidelines. All information is kept confidential. The results are given to you, the employer, by your preferred secure method!

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Visiting business and employer consultations are available for Orange and Osceola counties, Florida in the United States. Local locations are subject to change. If outside the local areas, virtual consultations are recommended.