Business & Employer Consultations

Are you a business owner or employer looking to increase employee retention and reduce workplace stress? Consulting for Heightened Awareness (CHA) can help you do just that with virtual or visiting business and employer consultations. Have you tried every suggestion available to curtail these issues and nothing has worked? I can tell you why they didn't work - because worldly solutions won't work on spiritual dilemmas. 

CHA offers virtual and visiting business organization consultations, professional hiring consultations, and employee behavioral analysis consultations that will meet your specific business needs and goals. 

These consultations are for businesses and employers with multiple employees. If you are a business and employer with one employee, the regular virtual or by-phone individual sessions are recommended and the days and times available are located here

Consultations are available with daily, weekly, and monthly packages. The analyses are conducted Tuesday through Sunday. After purchase, we communicate via email, phone, or virtual meeting to exchange information and determine the dates for the consultations based on availability for both of us. 

Each package includes the cost of software, fees, and time spent on the analyses. Virtual consultations are available globally! Visiting consultations are only local for selected counties found in the product descriptions and location is subject to change. 

I operate with the highest ethical standards and privacy to keep your and your employees' information confidential, as you will learn by reading CHA's mission statement on the homepage of this website. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your business goals! 

You can also learn more about each type of business and employer consultation by reading the product descriptions below. Plus, you can use promo code BTBW20 to save 20% off your first 1-week virtual or visiting consultation!