Real Talk with God's Wisdom Videos & Video Requests

Videos without ads! CHA's Real Talk with God's Wisdom videos are for you to remind you that you are not crazy. What you are experiencing during and after narcissist abuse are normal reactions to abnormal circumstances. Narcissism is a spiritual disorder that can only be cured by Jesus. Plus, you will find some videos that correlate to our movement at CHA to combat radio frequency (RF) for healthier living! We are a growing community of Spiritual Warriors for Christ (SWFC) and you can find this ministry and work across several social media platforms on CHA's My Social page. 

These videos are in MP4 format, which means they will download to your device and can be opened with an approved application. You can download them on up to three devices, as with all digital products on this website. They will make a great addition to your digital library for future references and reminders to keep you on track in God's reality! Thank you for your support. 

Have a video request? You can send your video request to and let me know if you would like the video to appear on YouTube or here for your personal digital bookshelf.