The Importance of Trauma Healing

The importance of trauma healing contains many aspects so we can live our best lives, the lives God intended for us to live. We were not put on this planet to live in misery. Trauma healing is necessary as it is spiritual healing that will help us get closer to God! 

Trauma healing requires extreme patience as we overcome years of traumatization. There is no way we will overcome everything in one night. In order to walk in our purpose, the perfect will of God, we need to be emotionally regulated and this is the most significant reason trauma healing is important. If we are not emotionally regulated, we will always remain easy to traumatize. That is why the enemy keeps as many as he can in his game of narcissism on the world stage. 

You can always join us on Tuesdays around 2:30 pm ET for CHA's Truth Seeker Podcast live on Youtube for trauma healing tips and more! Trauma healing and spiritual growth are front and center at CHA while combating radio frequency poisoning for healthier living. To live our best lives we must heal from traumas because trauma is negative and low vibrational. We don't want to live like that as we start to notice how the narcissists like living that way. They think they are 'living.' 

Narcissists are not living; they are re-living their traumas daily. Chosen ones know that trauma is not healthy and will cause many unnecessary stressful moments. Another reason for trauma healing; to reduce and eliminate all stress! Additionally, trauma healing is important so we are no longer easily triggered by the verbal and spiritual attacks from the devil and narcissists on social media and elsewhere. God needs us to be emotionally stable to walk in our purpose. 

Anyone who is unstable mentally will be unstable emotionally due to the manipulation of the amygdala and autonomic nervous system (ANS). More on this coming soon. When these two physical/biological components become 'de-sensitized' with radio frequency, they become very sensitive to fear mongering things. God did not design our biological bodies to be 'sensitive' to such things. Trauma healing helps our amygdala and ANS heal from traumatization! 

As always, you can learn more about trauma healing and spiritual growth at CHA Academy with courses that will help you level up your trauma healing and spiritual growth! Trauma healing goes deep and we must do the inner work to recognize where we need to change and we learn how not to behave by listening to God's principles and watching what the narcissists do. We do the opposite of what the matrix does too! Stay the course fellow warriors. God is not finished with us yet. Love and light always! 

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