Resist that Demon of Obligation! It is A Trick to Divert Your Attention

God tells us to resist the devil and he shall flee. This is very true when dealing with the demon of obligation and all demon spirits. 

We are always dealing with family who wants to get you to commit to things you are not able to do since you are focused on God's work for you. Recently, there is a new wedding in our family and it came from a third party who said, "She really wants you there too." Now, I have already identified the toxicity in my family and know full well the demon spirits that are inhabiting their minds. Not all of them, but a good number thus far. 

Did I hear that from the source? Nope. Do I know it's true the future bride wants me there? Nope. I have not heard from the future bride for myself. This is important because this future bride has my phone number. What I detect is a bit of triangulation and manipulation taking place here. Why did she not reach out directly to me and ask my attendance? Why did she use another mouth to tell me that? This is a classic example of how family can use the "manipulation of obligation" with triangulation to try and stress you out. 

And if she reaches out after this post, I am not falling for it. I know full well how the devil works. Keep that in mind for yourself too. 

What am I going to do? Nothing at this point. I see it for what it is. Do I want to attend? No. Why? Because I know what goes on in that part of the family. Nothing but drama and chaos. I want nothing to do with that. Sure, I am happy for the future bride that she has found a mate, but I can support from afar. We need to remember our purpose and that the enemy will always try to distract us, even if the enemy gives you several months to prepare, if you wish. 

I am not going to commit to something that I already know can turn into a very toxic situation nor put myself there to please "man." We have got to resist the devil and we also need to remember many do not know they are hosting demon spirits. How will I handle it? I won't. God will. I have turned it over to God. All about letting go and letting God. You can learn more about that on my YouTube Channel and for more exclusive content, on my Patreon channel. 

We have got to resist the devil and all his evil ways. We have got to remember the goal of this battle between narcissists and empaths is to paint the empaths as the bad guy. God is an empath! He is all about love, peace, and light. We also need to remember, anytime someone tries to make you feel obligated to do something you cannot do or do not want to do is manipulation, aka abuse. Do not give the devil your power. You can say "No." 

And don't forget, there are clothing and accessories available to help you strut your spiritual self! Yes, we are allowed to let the world know we are spiritual warriors for Christ and that is not bragging or arrogance. You can learn more about narcissism and cognitive dissonance in my books and on Quora.

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Stay blessed, and as always, love and light fellow warriors! 

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