Re-learning How to Live in God's Reality

Once awakened and we begin to see clearer how narcissists will never change and we take on a parental role in society, we must re-learn how to live our lives again the way God intended for us to live. It is another process in the spiritual awakening that we cannot rush nor ignore because it is part of God's plan. 

In God's reality, there are many revelations that will be mind-blowing about ourselves and about the truths of this fallen world. We begin to process God's revelations over time as they will occur during some pretty wonky seasons of our lives as we gain more heightened awareness. For example, during my current 'catch up' season as of November 2023, God has me connecting dots to what I witnessed in the spiritual and physical for two separate things - a jezebel passing away and a jezebel case study. 

With those two things going on simultaneously, I did not have time to stop and process all that God revealed right away. I was only able to make mental notes and once finally in my own place, the time needed to process all the revelations became available. Being able to process what has been revealed to us is part of re-learning how to live in God's reality because it is another form of connecting dots with other things that have occurred in our lives. We are adapting to the new spiritual norm, which you can learn more about in this YouTube video playlist

 We begin to realize that the world doesn't move as fast as it 'appears' to move and how the narcissistic matrix runs on a time loop of sorts, repeating the same exact routine day in and day out. In God's reality, we learn that we don't have to do things the same way we used to do them since we don't need a routine while He guides our steps. We will develop of structure to follow but God will switch things up from time to time as we continue to process our new reality. 

We finally learn that we co-create our reality in God's reality and that we must keep going forward, only reflecting back to connect dots. We unlearn tons of worldly garbage so we stop thinking negative things about ourselves and develop a 'can do' attitude since all things are possible with God. The world tried to tell us we were supposed to live a certain way and we realize quickly that God says otherwise. We stop and listen when God speaks too because He isn't playing around with His chosen ones. 

We must unlearn a ton of things and re-learn to gain God's wisdom when figuring out how to deal with the evildoers, aka narcissists. It takes time and patience to figure out how to deal with them from a distance and not allow them to trigger us anymore so we remain calm and regulated no matter what is going on out there in the crazy-making world. Seeking ye first the kingdom of God is what we learn to do daily as part of living in God's reality. We can only do what He needs us to do to serve Him in the kingdom and we do what He instructs us to do. Not what the world instructs us to do and yes, as always, discernment. 

Re-learning how to live in God's reality is part of the spiritual awakening since we will see that a lot of what we used to do, say, and think no longer serves a purpose in our lives because of the lies and deceit associated with all that. We will still practice good habits, yes, but we start to break bad habits for God's glory. When we start making changes for the better, God is pleased! We are all about pleasing God as we re-learn how to live again and you can always learn more about this ministry and work on several social media platforms.

I thank you all for your continued patience and support as I regroup to fine-tune and tweak everything we have in position and create more content for you all. CHA is a growing community of spiritual warriors for Christ (SWFC) and we welcome all who have walked away from the matrix in spirit and no longer participates in the game of narcissism on this world stage. Love and light, always!  

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