Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown PT2

There is more to overcoming the fear of the unknown during the trauma healing process. The fear of the unknown was one of the first of many fears we were groomed to have since birth. We must learn how to live again in God's reality and trust Him 100%. 

Having periodic flashbacks of what we were conditioned to believe is a normal part of the healing process as the renewing of the mind takes place. We cannot expect years of conditioning to 'poof' and be gone overnight. The enemy knows we will experience moments of flashbacks too and is why he instilled the many fears he instilled. We learn that we have no reason to fear because God always provides our every need. 

We were taught that we needed to know what the future holds in order to make decisions today. That is a lie and part of why the fear of the unknown develops. Because we cannot possibly know what the future holds, except God's promises, we cannot make decisions based on what we don't know. However, that's what the enemy does; tricks people into making decisions based on what they don't know. 

The fear of the unknown has people making those decisions based on the unknown because of a lack of trust in God and inability to live in the present. When we finally overcome that fear of the unknown, we can live in the present to handle what needs to be handled 'today.' And when we can do that, we protect that inner peace from God! The enemy would love to have us forever fearing the unknown but that backfires on him when it comes to God's chosen ones. 

We learn to embrace the unknown and get excited again about what God is doing for us we have yet to see! You can always learn more by visiting any of CHA's social platforms

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