It is Okay to Be An Outcast and Here is Why

“God chooses what society rejects.” Pastor Steven Furtick. 

No, I don’t follow any denomination other than Jesus’s teachings, but I do listen to some pastors and there are always some truths in what others say. We learn from others just as much as we learn from scripture. But God's word always comes first. 

Now, the point of this post is to explain why it feels like you are an outcast. When we don’t follow the crowd, sometimes it can be puzzling. Cognitive dissonance takes over and a lot of people decide to cave in order to fit in with the crowd. 

It reminds me of high school, where everyone frustrates themselves trying to find a way to become part of the “popular” crowd. We don’t need to do that. If you struggled in high school trying to fit in, there is a reason why you didn’t, and it is a good thing. God has different plans for you. God always has a different plan for his chosen ones. 

Another reason it is okay to not follow the crowd is because most of time, if not all of the time, the crowd is already going in the wrong direction. The crowd has been led astray by the devil himself. Have you ever heard someone ask why does it seem the truly good people get crapped on? 

It is because the truly good in heart, the righteous, are a threat to the cowardly devil. See how powerful that is? So the evildoers spend all their time projecting their voids and insecurities onto you in an attempt to break you. Breaking you means killing your soul by trying to take control of your mind.

Darkness hates light. God's chosen ones have the light and society will reject them out of jealousy, hate, envy, and fear. The devil is afraid of being exposed by the light. Wickedness lives in the dark, which is always comical to me since God can see in the dark too. 

God’s chosen ones are often the outcasts of society and they tend to be mature for their age, just as God ordered. Embracing the new role as an outcast truly is a blessing because your personal relationship with the Godhead will only get stronger. 

The world likes to condition people to believe they need other people around them all the time. The world trauma bonds people to people, and people to the world in order to control them. But not those of us who truly are okay physically alone, as we are never alone when the Holy Spirit is guiding us. 

We know we are not alone because we are with the Godhead. As an outcast, you are able to find that inner peace and obtain the wisdom God needs you to have to feed the Holy Spirit. We may be spread apart physically around the world, but we outcasts are connected spiritually. 

The world didn’t want you to know that it is okay to be an outcast, so the demons among us needed a way to program people’s minds.

Through television and social media programming, narcissism can breed faster and reach more corners of the world. The devil needs as many flying monkeys as he can get to try and destroy any person who has the light. Once we learn about the devils game of narcissism, we realize we already have inside us the power and authority given by Christ to tell the devil to go pound sand. 

The good news is, once God helps rid of the toxic people in your life, you will meet others who are also outcasts of society. You and the other outcasts form an alliance and because of the spiritual connection, we all work together to do God’s will on earth. 

And you realize that you are not an outcast after all! You are part of God the Father’s family. 

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