How Narcissism Kills Individuality To Feed the Beast

Narcissistic abusers are notorious for stomping on others to make themselves feel better. They have a hard time relating to individuality because they do not have a self-identity. 

In this world full of jealousy and hate that comes from the system of narcissism, the people who dare to be themselves are mocked. Unfortunately, many stop being who they are because a narcissist made them feel ashamed for being themselves. It came to my attention recently that narcissists are uncomfortable with people who have no guilt, shame, or fear about being who they are. 

I go into more detail about how narcissism kills individuality in my books. There are also two videos, a part one, which is the very first video uploaded on YouTube for long form content, and part two elaborates more on this topic. Part three is also an elaboration and you can see the progress from the first to the last with video making. 

If anyone has seen my YouTube videos, you can get a glimpse of my personality as I talk with my hands and express myself freely. A narcissist misinterpreted my expressions as “an emotional appeal,” which gave me a good laugh. She sent negative criticism filled with big words that only screwed up what she may have been trying to say. We call that word salad. She got blocked. Good riddance. 

We don’t need other people’s opinions when we are confident in ourselves and with the Godhead. Narcissists are extremely jealous of people who have what they lack, so they will deliberately misinterpret the confident person to try and shame them. Until that person wakes up from that cloud of cognitive dissonance, and reconnects with the Godhead, they will lose their self-confidence over time. In turn, they lose their individuality. 

Let's clarify: destroying other people’s self-confidence is what narcissists enjoy doing because it takes away their targets individuality. If the demons can kill self-confidence in their target, their target becomes their doormat. It is important to keep individuality because that is what creates new ideas. The devil is not a creator and he cannot create new ideas.

The demonic beings steal other peoples ideas while living in the past. The stealing of ideas and living in the past are beyond the scope of this post, and will be elaborated on in a future post. Note, I am not talking about those of us who share good ideas to help each other grow.

We must hold onto our individuality because that is what God made us - unique individuals. Our Heavenly Father did not make us so we could all be the same, except in heart. 

He does want His children of the same heart. Hence why the wicked are sent to try and turn our hearts cold. If a narcissist can succeed in destroying a person’s individuality, that person will become a slave to the devil himself. God doesn’t want that to happen, but He leaves the choice up to us. 

Anytime someone tries to change us, they are only doing the bidding of the devil. People do change, some for the worst and some for the better. Narcissists don’t change. And the reason they attack someone who is self-confident is because they lack that confidence. They attack people who don’t suffer from fear, shame, and guilt over being who they are because narcissist are full of fear, shame, and guilt. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why narcissists are burdened with fear, shame, and guilt. Because they know deep down they are not as good and righteous as they pretend to be. How do we overcome the attacks? Ignore them and keep being who we are. The system of narcissism wants a population of people who are all the same. That, my friends, is never going to happen. 

When the devils flying monkeys can bring others down to their low vibrational level, it feeds the beast. Don’t feed the beast.


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God always wins because salvation cannot be controlled. 

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