The Need to Feel Important Stems from Fear of Abandonment

The need to feel important comes from a deeply imbedded fear of abandonment. This fear is instilled in people by the system of narcissism. 

In another post, I mention how we overcome fear by kicking worry to the curb. The same concept applies here with letting go of the fear of abandonment. Many of these fears are induced in the game of narcissism because the devil needs to keep people living in fear so he can control them.

The fear of abandonment is one of the many fears that people face, especially those who have a void inside of them. That void is caused by a lack of faith and connection with the Godhead. When we are saved through grace and salvation given to us by Jesus Christ, there is no void and no more fear of abandonment.

I go into a little more detail about the system of narcissism in my books and on my YouTube channel.  

Many are taught that God will abandon us because of our sin and that is not true. God doesn’t abandon us, we abandon Him. All we have to do is ask God for forgiveness and repent and He hears us. Many get upset or doubtful when they don’t see answers to their prayers because they don’t understand that God does answer them according to His ways. 

God’s answer may not look the way we imagined it would, and more often that not, His answers never do. When connected with the Godhead, we have zero reason to seek feeling important or included. We don’t need to seek attention or beg for anything from anyone. The Lord is our Shepard and we shall not want. 

The fear of abandonment stems from abandoning God. The devil knows he can fool many into abandoning God the Father, so he uses that against us. Once we reconnect in mind, body, and spirit, we re-establish our relationship with the Lord. That is what the devil wants to keep from happening. 

If you are suffering from a fear of abandonment, it is time to ask yourself why. Then turn to our Heavenly Father and build that relationship with Him. You will notice how quickly He takes away that fear and provides a feeling of comfort within. You will no longer feel the need to seek attention, fit in, follow the crowd, or feel like you are being neglected. 

God provides an added bonus - you will no longer feel alone or have a fear of being alone. Why? Because when connected to the Godhead, you know you are not alone.  

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