Developing that Healthy Level of Self-Confidence Post Narcissistic Abuse

A healthy level of self-confidence is something survivors never had the chance to develop while in a narcissistic abuse situation. The abuse was meant to destroy any type of confidence we had in ourselves, so it takes time to adapt to the newly discovered self-confidence that God restores post narcissistic abuse. 

As stated in the January 2023 newsletter, a healthy level of self-confidence is needed to walk in our purpose. Our purpose is the perfect will of God. We need that 'can do' attitude so we will endure while walking in our destiny. Narcissism is designed to do many things and one of them is to destroy any confidence we have in our abilities to do anything. It takes some time to realize that we have all that we need inside us already to do the perfect will of God. 

Narcissistic abusers will never understand why we prevail and why we are able to make it to the next level. Because they don't mature and grow as we are supposed to, they will never understand a chosen child of God who does grow and mature. A healthy level of self-confidence is part of maturing and putting away childish things. It is simply knowing who we are and not being afraid of what God put inside us to do His will to please Him. 

Part of developing that healthy level of self-confidence is trusting ourselves enough in a way that will allow us to do what we need to do. For example, if we know we can cook, then we cook. The same applies to our purpose once we discover what it is and begin the process of planning, preparing, and producing.  A healthy level of self-confidence is not arrogant and does not boast/brag. It allows us to humble ourselves because we know we can do all things with God. 

We know with the strength of Christ in us, we can do what we need to do and that we can learn new things. We have the ability to unlearn old ways of thinking and develop a healthy mindset with a positive outlook and optimistic view of life, walking by faith. A healthy level of self-confidence provides us with motivation to keep going, knowing that all things work out for us in our favor. We do not go around expecting the worst like a narcissistic abuser. 

A healthy level of self-confidence allows us to be organized in thoughts and actions. We don't walk in our feelings with a healthy level of self-confidence. and the enemy hates that! Well, as stated often, that is too bad. The enemy can go pound sand. We need to be confident in our abilities so God can level us up! Narcissistic abusers would rather see us stay in that low vibrational demonic matrix with them, but nope. We were never meant to stay there. God chose us out of the matrix, aka the fallen world, to do great things in the world for His kingdom. 

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