Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

One Rose-Tinted and One Clear Lens: How Narcissism is the Work of the Devil - Audiobook

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 The 2nd edition of my first book in audiobook format about how narcissism is the work of the devil. In this spiritual battle, we learn how narcissism is the work of the devil. In this book, I connect the dots to the wicked behaviors of narcissistic abusers to Biblical scripture. In order to see what we need to see, we have to be in God's reality with two clear lenses.

We are warned about narcissistic abuse in many books of the Bible and it is important to understand that it comes from many sources. The abusers learn their ways from a number of outside influences, but most importantly, those influences are internal, where the battle between good and evil truly begins.  

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