Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

Faith-Based Motivational Public Speaker for Hire!

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I am Michelle Dickey, consultant, coach, trauma specialist, minister, author, and faith-based motivational public speaker. With several books published and thousands of social proof videos, I can deliver powerful and dynamic messages to your audience that will inspire and motivate them to make a positive impact in society. Helping others heal from trauma and grow spiritually is what this ministry is all about with God's wisdom. 

You can check out our TV show with Bold Brave TV and videos on YouTube with When God Speaks and Inspirational Messages

My speaking fee does not include travel expenses as they depend on the location of the speaking event. We will communicate by phone, email, or other preferred communication method to iron out the details of the engagement. I look forward to working with you and delivering positive, powerful, and impactful messages to your audience that will inspire them to become the best version of themselves that God created! 

Questions? Call/text 704-245-4340 or email at Michelle.dickey@cdhrwdrmd.org

Note: speaking fee is subject to change.