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Consulting for Heightened Awareness's (CHA) social platforms!

You all can easily keep up with the ministry and work across all our social pages. Everything we do is for the Glory of God, helping trauma survivors heal and grow spiritually with God's wisdom. 

A huge thank you for following, subscribing, and liking all we do on each platform! God bless you, fellow warriors. Love and light, always. 

Patreon channel: A place where we dive deeper into God's spiritual truths and make real-world connections to the spiritual battle! I break down God's word and educate about all that narcissistic abuse going on inside the matrix where there are many matrixes.

The Patreon channel is also where CHA's monthly mini-chat sessions are available with the $20 tier for those who are unable to book an individual session but still want to receive the guidance and support needed during the healing process! 

You can learn more about CHA's Patreon channel in this short YouTube video.





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The Devil in Narciss-I'sm

Cognitive Dissonance 

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