CHA Academy's Courses, Masterclasses & Memberships

At Consulting for Heightened Awareness (CHA) Academy, you will learn about how the trauma bond to a narcissist is formed, the 5 P's, the autonomic nervious system (ANS), and more to help you level up your healing and spiritual growth. The courses are easy to navigate, simple, fun, and informative. Each course and bundle have a one-time payment or 5 monthly payment options on the following landing pages: 

Trauma Intensive Healing Course 1: Inner Workings of the ANS

How to Deal with Toxic Coworkers

How to Detox from Trauma Nutrition Course

How the Trauma Bond is Formed

CHA's 5 P's Coaching Course 

Spiritual Warriors for Christ Membership

CHA Academy General Membership 

Enrolled learners and members gain access to CHA Academy's Community Forum where we can interact with each other, sharing what is learned and asking questions. The community is also a great place for survivors and warriors to support each other during the healing process and beyond! 

CHA Academy masterclasses are located inside the community forum in the 'events' tab and contain various 'how-tos' for everyday life, dealing with toxic people, and trauma healing. Once you enroll in a course and become a member you gain access to these masterclasses at no additional cost! 

Thank you for joining CHA Academy and we look forward to working with you as you level up your healing and spiritual growth! 

Note: only courses are accessible below in this collection. The memberships are listed above. Masterclasses are inside CHA Academy's community forum!