The Power of Positivity & Laughter: Lifting Your Spirit

They say that laugher is good medicine, which is true, so why does it seem like we get punished for being happy? 

First, I want to point out that perception management is at play here when it seems like we get punished for being happy. If you have ever witnessed the scowl on a narcissistic abusers face when you are enjoying something, then you know what I am talking about. Miserable people cannot stand to see other people genuinely happy.

It is rather intriguing, however, that as long as we include the narcissists in on everything we do, they pretend to be happy with us, but never “for” us. It is when we don’t include them that they pull little shenanigans to try and ruin our happy moment. It seems like a form of punishment, but here is what it really is:

A narcissist throwing a toddler temper tantrum because we didn’t share. More on narcissistic behaviors in my books and on my YouTube channel. Here is a playlist about narcissistic behaviors with some older videos but the content will always be relevant. 


The narcissists see we are content and at peace, and they want that for themselves. The problem here is that narcissists don’t know what genuine happiness is and they have spent their whole lives trying to steal other peoples happiness. Yet when a narcissist tells a joke, it is never funny and often profane.

These abusers think they can steal a person’s inner peace and happiness without realizing you cannot steal what isn’t theirs in the first place. For example, when that peace and happiness belongs to the Godhead, He isn’t going to let anyone steal it. It is the kind of happiness that has an eternal life. The narcissistic abusers don’t stand a chance. 

We can do what makes us happy and there is nothing they can do about it unless we let them. The abusers cannot control us if we refuse to give them power over us. They will never know what true happiness and peace is because, as I have mentioned elsewhere, they are not connected in mind, body, and spirit. 

We find things that make us smile and laugh quite easily because we are at peace inside. Narcissists hate that we have that ability, so they play little mind games to try and destroy it. After awhile we learn all the little tricks the devil likes to play and we are no longer triggered by them. We learned how to tell the demon spirits to screw off. 

Even when the devil tries to send another narcissist to thwart us off our path, God will deliver us out from under that evil, every single time. And He is quicker about that the closer we are to Him. Amen. If that isn’t testimony of His protection, then I don’t know what is! God loves to see His children happy and smiling. Not angry and suffering. 

It may feel like we get punished for being happy by an abuser, but the reality is that abuser is just throwing a tantrum. Remember, narcissistic abusers are toddlers in adult bodies who never grow up. We don’t need to worry about their misery, for it will eat them alive. 

When we live, laugh, and love, the power of our positivity lights up a room and lifts the spirits of the righteous. The dark spirits will scatter like cockroaches suddenly exposed to a bright light.

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We stay focused on our path and keep smiling, while they keep falling down like dominos around us. And we understand the following quite well:


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