Narcissistic Abuse Is Not Going Away!

As I say often in videos and other publications, because of the system of narcissism, narcissistic abuse is not going away. Many people don’t even know they are being abused! 

When we examine scripture, and when it is interpreted by the Holy Spirit, we gain a better understanding of how narcissistic abuse occurs on a societal level. Emotional manipulation is the foundation of narcissistic abuse and deception is the name of the game in narcissism. 

It is only after we are reborn in Spirit with Jesus that we can start to see what is really happening out there in the world. God tells us often about those who are crept in unawares and the system of narcissism wants to keep it that way. Why? So the demon spirits can feed on emotional supply. 

The demon spirits are emotional and energy vampires

As long as there are things to provoke emotional reactions out of people, the demon spirits continue to feel alive. Stop and think logically. Have you ever noticed when another person doesn’t get an emotional reaction out of you that they get a “deer in the headlight” look? 

That is because you didn’t give a demon spirit emotional supply. You stunned it. Keep in mind, the reaction the evil spirit wanted was a negative one. It will tolerate a positive emotional reaction “occasionally,” but only feels alive when it gets a negative reaction

When you pay attention to details on television or social media, you can see how the rulers of the darkness of this world (the demon spirits) use emotional manipulation to trauma bond people to the “source” of entertainment. The system of narcissism trauma bonds people to the world first so when the devil sends his flying monkeys, the narcissists, we are more easily trauma bonded to the individual abuser. 

As you may or may not know, my brand is breaking the trauma bond to the world. Once we do that, we are no longer easily manipulated into a “situationship” with a narcissist. And it begins with breaking the dependency on external validation. God never intended for His children to become addicted to external validation. 

The devil knows this and is using that, along with cognitive dissonance, against humanity every day. Sure, it is nice to get an external validator, but do you realize how short lived that is? And a lot of times, those external validators contain a ton of future faking tactics to continue the psychological and emotional abuse. Push-pull, push-pull...

We are also facing a shift, one where we are forced to embrace technology or stay stuck in the low vibration of the system of narcissism. What I mean by embracing technology is to use it for the right reasons. To do God's purpose for you. Many are going to be left behind as this world moves forward in innovative ways to learn and thrive. But we have to be careful with this at the same time because just like in the other realities, the devil inserts his flying monkeys anywhere God's chosen ones are working. 

Never forget that underneath, or perhaps above it all, there is a spiritual realm and we can only see what is going on there in God's reality. We learn to stop letting external validation be the crust of our daily living and focus on pleasing the Godhead. We learn to stop engaging in the forbidden wickedness found throughout scripture. We stop interpreting scripture so literally. We also unlearn much of the garbage the "world" tried to put into our brains because we realize that a lot of it does not matter to the Heavenly Father. 

If you want to learn more about this spiritual battle, you can check out my YouTube channel. These concepts are narcissism, cognitive dissonance, and how the abuse occurs on a societal level. I share the red flags and how narcissists behave so you can become better equipped to thwart those fiery darts of abuse. 

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