Impulsivity is Another Side Effect of the Trauma Bond to the World

The demon of impulsivity is all about instant gratification. It attaches itself to the human mind during times of fear-mongering while people are in low vibration. 

As we continue on this spiritual journey together with the Godhead, we learn more about all the things that don't matter to the Heavenly Father and that He does not want us to shoot ourselves in the foot. We start to see how the indoctrination of impatience leads to a ton of demon spirit attachments that we must deliver out from ourselves first and foremost. Awareness is key so we can rebuke those spirits in Jesus's name. 

Once we know about all of them, we can effectively break that trauma bond to the world, which is the very stronghold God speaks about in scripture that many crept in unawares will remain tied to. When the enemy can succeed in instilling fear in humanity, people will lose the ability to think logically and rationally, which is what the enemy wants so his demon spirits, the narcissists, can have control of the mind. 

Once one or more demon spirits get attached to the mind, we are tricked into making several impulsive decisions without logic and reason. When in God's reality, we can see how the enemy has tricked us in the past and we learn to repent and not make those same mistakes again. One good example is when we were duped into thinking a store was going run out of a product that we like, so we end up overspending by buying more than we actually need. 

We fail to realize that we played ourselves because it takes awhile for a new delivery to bring in more of that product for others to have who also like that product. In a sense, the demon of impulsivity also tricks people into forgetting their empathy and compassion for others. We learn to knock it off as those of us with true empathy and compassion understand that we are not the only people here on earth. The same is not true for full-blown narcissistic abusers. 

I am not talking about them, for they will always lack empathy unless they receive Jesus in their heart, as stated often. For the rest of us who never became full-blown narcissistic abusers, we learn quickly in God's reality that there is enough to go around for everyone when we get just what we need and don't overdo. That's another thing about impulsivity. It will trick people into overdoing everything. 

It leads to that "nothing is ever enough" mentality that is part of the I'sm mindset. We see a lot of that out there in the fallen world as many entities continue to blow things out of proportion. Blowing things out of proportion is part of the how the demon of impulsivity gets attached to human minds too. As you can see, there is quite a lot of crossover with how demon spirits work because many of them work in conjunction with one another. 

That's what the enemy needs to happen to get people 100% away from God and keep them away from Jesus. Another example of impulsivity is when we fail to properly test the spirit, or better known as vetting, of others. While we also deal with a ton of stubbornness out there, we also deal with many who jump the gun about a lot of things, only to find out later that it was a trick to cause us to make an impulsive decision. 

How is the trauma bond part of this trick? Because the act of playing ourselves is having unhealthy attachments to people and things. The mindset of never having enough is an unhealthy attachment to things, objects in this world. 

In a nutshell, the demon of impulsivity tricks us into blocking God's blessings. That, my fellow warriors, is the ultimate goal of the enemy. God wants to bless us in many ways to help us get to where He needs us to be. The enemy doesn't want to see us make it to the next level. lf we continue in life making impulsive decisions based on the lies and deceit of this world, we will be tricked into blocking our blessings from God. 

Many of us learned this the hard way. And we realize even more just how important letting patience have her perfect works truly is and what it means on a much deeper, and spiritual level. 

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