Consulting & Coaching Sessions

Consulting and coaching sessions are available at CHA! You can choose the individual virtual or by phone sessions or join us for a virtual group support session. CHA's consulting and coaching sessions are geared toward helping trauma survivors overcome trauma associated with abuse, unpacking that bag of goodies from God on the inside, or anything the survivor needs help overcoming. After all, to live our best lives that God intended for us to live, we must overcome trauma!

Individual and group sessions help you overcome what needs to be overcome so you reach your full potential. You can always learn more about this ministry and work on CHA's YouTube channel. I look forward to helping you level up your trauma healing and spiritual growth!  

You can learn more about each consulting and coaching session in the product descriptions below. 

*Disclaimer: I will not send you a recording of our sessions for your personal use. Sessions are confidential and not for redistribution.