Detoxing From Trauma is A Process

When we learn about narcissism and the abuse that comes with it, we learn that we must detox from trauma and that takes time. We eventually learn that we are experiencing trauma on the societal level too with radio frequency (RF) poisoning daily and we must detox from that trauma. RF poisoning is real folks! Don't let the devil trick you into thinking otherwise. 

Whether we like it or not we are going to go through a detoxing process from the trauma associated with abuse and then when we learn we have been radio frequency (RF) poisoned since birth to traumatize the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The prince of darkness of this world uses RF to manipulate our ANS so we become trauma bonded to the world. 

Once we are trauma bonded to the world, then it becomes easier for us to be trauma bonded to a a narcissist. We start to break all trauma bonds in God's reality when our subconscious is awakened! Glory be to God. When our subconscious is awake, nothing gets past us anymore and the devil cannot hide in plain sight. You can learn more about how the enemy cannot hide in plain sight anymore on CHA's YouTube channel! 

When detoxing from trauma we will experience some minor discomforts and that's because our muscles were tense. We didn't know we were that tense before the detoxing either. We also begin to see things as they really are because the matrix likes to make everything appear bigger than it really is - a classic for idolatry. Detoxing requires changes in our diet and lifestyle to become more aligned with how God tells us we should be living. 

We start to see how the matrix lied to us about how we are supposed to live the more immersed in God's word we are too. The crazy-making narcissistic world wants us to think we are to remain 'slaves' to the system of narcissism when God clearly says 'nope' in Galatians 4. As a member of our Patreon channel, you will unlock access to more value for helping you detox from the trauma and radio frequency poisoning! 

When we level up, our enemies become our footstools just as God promises will happen. They become silenced as we begin to speak truths they don't want to hear about how the world truly operates with traumatization and radio frequency poisoning. Detoxing from trauma requires breaking trauma bonds that are the very generational curses we are chosen to break! Glory be to God. Detoxing is necessary to protect this temple of the Holy Spirit for healthier living to live the best life God intended for us to live. 

God never intended for us live in misery because God is not a God of misery! God is a god of happiness and peace, just to name a few positive attributes of our Heavenly Father. The fallen world wants people to believe lies and deceit based on what the devil presents to them as "reality." This world stage is full of narcissism in action and we must learn how to combat in the spirit to serve God and become strong spiritual warriors for Christ. 

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