Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

How Narcissism is Bred: Rose-Tinted versus Clear Lenses - Digital

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A sequel to the first book, "One Rose Tinted and One Clear Lens: How Narcissism is the Work of the Devil." In this book, I elaborate on the three competing realities mentioned previously, and how they represent a snapshot of life stages. We all go through life stages to make it to God's reality. Because narcissism isn't going away, it is important to understand it and learn how to deal with it so we can do God's will. Life has its bumpy moments and a lot of lessons are learned along the way. As there should be. Everything in life happens for a reason. We will find ourselves in the midst of darkness before we see the light. Note, all photos are taken and designed by me. 

The PDF format is easy to use and the reading is just as enjoyable as a physical copy!  You can download this PDF up to three times, 1 - PC, 1 - tablet, and 1 - phone to have a copy to read anywhere you go! 

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