Staying Positive in a Negative Seeking World

When we are faced with narcissism all around us, it can be a challenge staying positive in a deficit seeking world. 

How do we combat that? Well, it's not by seeking external validation, and breaking that dependency is the first step to break the trauma bond. It is by seeking God's wisdom, as He is the only validation we need. Dealing with negative people, usually those crept in unawares they are being controlled by demon spirits, can be a daunting task. Humans are not naturally wired to seek negativity. 

The enemy is the one who uses negativity to try and throw us off God's path for us. Remember the blog about finding ways around resistance? This ties into that staying positive in the face of negativity. Also, we have the power to turn every negative into a positive but the enemy doesn't want us to know that. The devil would rather keep everyone in that negative, low vibration, where we are more easily manipulated so the demon spirits can control our minds. 

We suffer the most horrific persecution from narcissistic abusers and it comes as no surprise that this is the enemy's plan all along so we don't discover that we already have what God put in us to thrive and be successful. The abuse is meant to destroy us. But here we are! Still standing. If that isn't all the motivation you need, then I don't know what is. We are protected by God all the time and when we realize this, we realize that nothing is impossible when we set our righteous mind to it. 

We didn't get turned over to a reprobate mind like the human hosts of the demon spirits. We need to thank God for that daily. We can find positive stuff all over the internet, but are we applying that to our lives? That's the question of the day. Are we taking that positive vibe and applying to our daily thinking? Another great question. Staying positive requires a shift in our mindset. We have got to have that "can do" attitude or none of those positive messages are going to be effective. 

Watch out for negative stuff that irritates your positive vibe! That's the enemy trying to deter you from being the best version of yourself. Remember, if you need some guidance and advice, there are sessions available Tuesday through Sunday.

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