The Wonderful Wisdom of Not Being a Menspleaser!

We all went through the life stage of being more focused on people pleasing than pleasing the Heavenly Father…

We are told that we cannot be people pleasers and a servant to Jesus at the same time. That is a double standard. Here is one of many examples illustrating this point:

Galatians 1:10 KJV

10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

When we begin the journey with Christ during our spiritual awakening, we find ourselves at a crossroad. We must make the choice of serving the Godhead or staying in a system that enslaves us, teaching us to please everyone else except God. I am referring to the system of narcissism where abuse and wickedness is enabled and tolerated. 

The moment we choose to walk with Christ, He makes small changes within us over time. We learn how to stop tolerating the abuse and tell demon spirits to knock it off, which is telling satan to get behind us. When the abusers engage in their wicked behaviors, God is not amused. And we are not impressed. On this journey, we find more freedom inside us and realize those haters don’t hold any power over us. 

We realize those haters never had any power over us and that they only seemed to because we let them. We learn to let God work His wonderful miracles by removing toxic people from our lives. We continue to seek God’s wisdom and let go of most of what man has taught us. We do hang onto basic life skills while God teaches the rest of what we need to know going forward. 

I talk about the journey to God’s reality in a book called “How Narcissism is Bred: Rose tinted versus Clear Lenses.” The link can be found under My Books and I also bring the work that I do to life on YouTube.

Per God’s instruction, I never ask for donations. We are not to be beggars, just like we are not to be menspleasers. The purpose of doing God’s work becomes clearer as we climb that spiritual ladder. We learn more of what not to do by reading scripture and observing the reward of the wicked. What is the reward of the wicked? 

I answer that in videos and will upload reminders here and there. But we can and do see the reward of the wicked that is their shame and guilt, among other things, they wear upon their shoulders. For God maketh the enemy tremble underneath our feet when they try to stand in our way. When the wicked try to hold God’s children back, God steps in and removes them from our path. 

After all, it is God’s path He chose for us and He will let nothing stand in the way of one of His children committed to pleasing only Him…

The beauty in wisdom of not being a menspleaser is the freedom to walk with Jesus. And let Jesus do what He needs to do within us as His spirit is alive in us. Amen. 

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