Adapting to the New Spiritual Norm Post Narcissistic Abuse

One of the phases we go through post-narcissistic abuse is learning how to adapt to the new spiritual norm. That means we are learning how to, as an adult, balance or re-balance the spiritual and the physical. God planned it this way so we could learn the lessons we needed to learn about how the enemy works. 

Branching out from the September 2022 BTBW newsletter, adapting to the new spiritual norm takes time, just like healing and spiritual growth. I know, there are those out there who believe that "time" doesn't heal all wounds and that is just a truth mixed with lies. Time most certainly plays a role in our healing process. But what comes with that is God's wisdom. See, without God's wisdom, we will not be able to fully heal. 

And that is the trick of the enemy to keep people "unhealed." Yet we need to have the spiritual body to interpret God's word correctly. The enemy does not want people to have their spiritual body raised, being reborn again, truly and not by worldly measures. 1 Corinthians 15:44 is where we learn that we are raised a spiritual body! Adapting to the new spiritual norm is like a whole new beginning, being put on spiritual baby formula, as a fellow warrior puts it. We are not "physically reborn," we are spiritually reborn. 

Which means we have a whole new process to go through, learning new things (like the world is a stage), and finding our true selves, who we are in Christ. Let me elaborate on the newsletter where I stated that the 'world is mess.' I am talking about the outside world. Remember, we are co-creators of our reality in God's reality. We are peace keepers who learn to teach others how we want to be treated. You can learn more about that in this video

Adapting to the new spiritual norm is another process that we all must go through to get closer to God. Just know that He is in us and with us wherever we go. The healing process isn't bad, it is just a little tricky sometimes but with the armor of God, we can overcome all that the enemy tries to throw at us. You can learn more about adapting to the new spiritual norm in this playlist, a series of 10 videos where I share some of God's wisdom and truths. 

Plus, there is a lot of additional information on the YouTube channel to help you get through your spiritual awakening, learn all the red flags of narcissistic abuse, and more. And for those who would like to further support the ministry and work, and are ready to accept that we have been lied to since birth, the Patreon channel contains real-world connections to the spiritual realm/spiritual battle. All the links for these social platforms can be found under My Social right on this website! 

Peace, love, and light, always fellow warriors! 



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