Breaking the Trauma Bond to the Individual Abuser - Part 2

With the many concepts for breaking the trauma bond to the world, they also apply to breaking the trauma bond to the individual abuser, other people, and things. Again, it is a process and takes time, patience, and dedication to healing and growing spiritually. 

Overcoming the fear of uncertainty is one of many concepts to breaking that trauma bond to the individual abuser. Because narcissistic abuse is all around us, we learn to spot it and not participate by keeping our faith strong in God and walking the narrow path. By overcoming the fear of uncertainty, we find our purpose, the one God put in us. Many are afraid to step into their calling because as a chosen one, we are called to a higher purpose. 

This is why the abusers target us in the first place, to try and keep us from ever doing what God has called us to do. For the enemy wants to keep people in bondage, under that heavy cloud of confusion, and held captive as prisoners in their own minds. When the abuser cannot get control of our minds, that is when the mask will slip and we see their true colors. Then we start going through that circular thinking with a bunch of 'what ifs' that are designed to try and keep us in the abusive situation. 

Staying the course for recovery and healing, we learn to overcome that fear of uncertainty by embracing the unknown, changing that thinking to prepare for the exciting journey in God's reality. We learn that we don't have to have it all figured out, we just need to get out of that abusive situation so that God can do what He needs to do. There is a ton of information in these videos about the trauma bond too. 

And we also learn that by overcoming the fear of uncertainty, we are able to unlearn a lot of garbage to learn and relearn God's wisdom. Once that fear is overcome, we have completed a huge milestone in the healing process. It becomes easier to overcome trauma triggers as a result of overcoming the fear of uncertainty. God already has is worked out! All we must do is trust Him and keep our faith strong. Plus, with each fear that we overcome, the closer to God we become, which is another thing the enemy fears. 

Why? Because as our faith grows stronger, the enemy's shenanigans stop working. The narcissistic abusers don't stand a chance at trauma bonding us anymore, which brings us that inner peace and harmony to keep us emotionally regulated. After all, the enemy feeds on our emotions, so we learn to stop fueling the beast and let God renew the mind. A healthy mind does not operate out of fear or on emotions. A strong mind is harder to control and manipulate. 

Overcoming all fear associated with the abuse is possible as we begin to use the logic and reasoning God gave us, and keep going forward to step into our purpose and live the life God promised us we will have. A life of abundance, peace, joy, and happiness without the abuser in it! And we also learn that if we cannot go full no contact, it is only temporary, but we learn to cut any abusers off at the soul level. Meaning we shut them off from our energy and emotions by shutting down that empathy switch. After all, the abuser chose to be that way, even if unknowingly. We continue to pray for them as we heal and grow spiritually, leaving them to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling (spiritually, not literally). 

For those who would like a physical copy of the BTBW magazine, it is available and a great reference to have for reminders and tips to breaking trauma bonds to keep them broken! 

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