Michelle Dickey, Consultant, Coach, Trauma Specialist, & Author

BTBW Magazine Vol. 1 - Physical Copy

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A physical copy of the magazine is here! The BTBW magazine is here! BTBW is the acronym for Breaking the Trauma Bond to the World. 

Volume 1 contains the information from all the free monthly newsletters from July - December of 2021 PLUS additional insight about each topic discussed. Breaking the trauma bond to the world is our brand and once we do that, it becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to get trauma bonded to another narcissistic abuser. 

As Consulting for Heightened Awareness is a faith-based business, we are here to help others with support and guidance on their healing journey and spiritual growth. 

This magazine is great for refreshers and for those who didn't sign up from July to December 2021, as the first step to BTBW is breaking that dependency on external validation!