Trauma Healing One Day at a Time

Trauma healing is not an overnight process and we do learn this early on when God awakens us to what is really going on all around us in this fallen world. We do make it to the other side of the rainbow at God's appointed time, always. 

As you will hear me teach a lot, trauma healing isn't for the faint at heart. God's chosen children are spiritually strong enough to endure the trauma healing to put away childish things while the evildoers (narcissists) of this world are spiritually dead and will perish. We must want to overcome the trauma and learn that with God all things are possible. Our enemies will not heal or grow and we must learn to leave them behind. They fear being left out and that's what they get as we mature and grow while healing from trauma. 

We learn, as part of the trauma healing process, that we don't need to be dependent upon evildoers to get things done or to provide for a basic needs. God will always provide our every need and then some! All we need to do is trust and believe God. We break free from the "codependency" mindset as part of the trauma healing process. If any of you are still struggling with the codependency issue, there are individual sessions available every week to help you with whatever you need during the healing process and beyond. 

Healing from trauma takes mental and spiritual intentions throughout the process. We will not see immediate results because we are peeling back layers of lies and deceit from the world and our biological families. While not all of us have the same issues with biological family members who are narcissists, many of us do and that does play a role in how long the healing process takes. Knowing when you are fully healed is paramount too so you don't end up with another narcissist. You can learn how to know when you are fully healed in these videos! 

Never forget that trauma healing is a process that isn't all peaches and cream and don't let that disappoint you either. We learn to turn negatives into positives by focusing on the lessons rather than on what went wrong or what is lacking. Focusing on the things that are present and celebrating the small progresses help to keep a positive mindset and keeps us motivated to keep going forward, one day at a time! 


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Chris Miller

Many thanks for this months blog post much needed wisdom at this time on a personal level as I continue to recover from trauma and nervous exhaustion.

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