Our Spiritual Gifts from God

As young kids, God's chosen ones could sense the spiritual, we were just too young to know what that was or how to interpret our spiritual senses and feelings. We must go through life and learn many lessons before God awakens us to all the evil around us and re-introduces us to our spiritual gifts. 

After we are awakened to narcissism and the abuse associated with it, we start to earn our spiritual gifts back from God. I say "earn" because He does put them in a treasure chest when we let the cat out of the bag too soon. For example, I told several people in my late teens that I could sense when someone was "off" when they tried to shake my hand and I pulled back quickly. Oops! The good news is, God does give us our spiritual gifts back once we mature enough to better articulate them and know what they are to avoid being deceived over and over again. 

You can always learn more about earning our spiritual gifts back in this YouTube video! When we start to earn back our spiritual gifts we start to properly discern between true good and evil. Our spiritual gifts will differ slightly amongst us, however, we will have our God-given intuition that we learn to pay close attention to in God's reality so we don't fall for the same deception over and over again. Sometimes we will fall for one or two until we learn that it is a deception until we can recognize the patterns of narcissism in marketing and in people. 

Once we are able to recognize the patterns of narcissism in marketing and people we are able to avoid being scammed. The devil is always trying to weasel his way into our finances so we learn how to keep him out where possible. After all, the fallen world has the love of money and the demon greed! That demon of greed is prevalent in the fame of narcissism too. God knows we have bills to pay and will provide for our every need and yes, chosen ones will receive their inheritances at God's appointed time. 

You can always learn more about the demon of greed on CHA's Youtube Channel too! We start to sense more things in the spiritual as God brings our gifts into focus so we can tell who is participating in the world's schemes and conformed to this world. Whoever is conformed to this world is not one of us. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and we can only do that in God's reality. Purging that subconscious to make room for God's wisdom that leads to earning our spiritual gifts back! 

Keep on keeping on fellow warriors! Love and light always. 

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