Letting Go of What God Removes

We get to a point in our spiritual awakening when we must learn to let go of what God removes from our lives. When He removes people and things, it is always for a righteous reason. 

We are not meant to hold onto what isn't going with us where Jesus is taking us and we don't know this yet until we are awakened and break trauma bonds. Trauma bonds were instilled deep as soon as we were born into this fallen world so we would be more easily trauma bonded to a narcissist. Now that we know these truths, we can gain heightened awareness and analyze things more clearly to decide who must go and who is allowed to stay in our lives. 

Remember, it is the Godhead within us that does the removing! God guides our steps to walk away from those who are a hindrance and brings us in front of those who are true helpers to get us where God needs us to be. When we learn we must let go of people and things so God can take us higher it does take time sink in because of the trauma bond to the world. You can learn more about letting go and letting God in this YouTube video! 

Letting go and letting God is an awesome experience as it truly allows us to walk and live by faith without the burdens of this chaotic world on our shoulders. We are not meant to carry the burdens of this world fellow warriors! Most of the burdens of this world are made up illusions to keep sleepers riled up and conformed to the world. We learn that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the world is a stage. It is up to us to discern properly between what is real and what is fake. 

The world is full of lies and deceit to keep people dependent on man. The matrix loves its illusion of power and control. We must learn that letting go of what God removes is essential to walk and live by faith in a fake world that thrives on that illusion of power and control. God will hold back blessings until we let go of what isn't meant for us too. Many of us can attest to this truth! God knows those evildoers would only try and squander His blessings for us. Remember, part of letting go is breaking and preventing trauma bonds

Once we finally get a handle on letting go the first time, it gets easier to let go of more going forward. It is a challenge in the beginning with biological family members but as we learn from Jesus, we must put God first and everything else after Him because if we put 'family' first, we are committing idolatry. We cannot put anyone on a pedestal an die worthy of Jesus (Matthew 10:37). Another reason for the importance of learning to let go of what God removes. 

Making sacrifices in God's reality is very common as we transition to our new lives with God. After all, we are renewing the mind for a transformation that is necessary to heal and grow closer to Him! Our journey with God is just beginning when He awakens us to narcissism and all the evil in this world. If you need help breaking trauma bonds, it will benefit you to know how the trauma bond is formed to make it easier to stop letting narcissists manipulate your brains chemistry. 

As always, you can join us on this journey of trauma healing and spiritual growth while combating radio frequency poisoning for healthier living! I look forward to seeing you at CHA Academy where iron sharpens iron with fellow spiritual warriors for Christ. Sending love and light, always! 

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