Learning to Let Go of Worldly Garbage

We learn to purge that subconscious of worldly garbage and then we must learn how to let it go! Once we realize the world is the devils playground and knowing the devil is a liar, we must let go of what "it" taught us about us and how to live so we can learn how God says we should be living. 

Once we start to unlearn worldly garbage, we must then learn to let it go. Again, all about discernment too as we are not going to let go of important things like basic math skills and cooking skills, for example. We do, however, learn that most if not all of our history is made up and a lot of those events were staged if they did happen, just like the ones we hear about now and then in God's reality. 

It is easy to go back to an old way of thinking and this is why God has us coming together to help each other stay on track so we don't go back to our old ways of thinking and living. One of many beautiful things about letting go of worldly garbage, such as history, is we feel a burden lift from our shoulders as we no longer have to take a test or dwell on that 'historic' concept anymore!

If something or information doesn't serve God's kingdom and keeps people 'in the past,' it has to go. One of the enemy's favorite tricks is to keep people 'in the past' and bringing up fake historical events is one of many ways the evildoers do that. I saw a meme that is spot on about this too; it said 'don't look back, you are not going that way.' I don't know who the original author is so I pray they receive the credit where credit is due. 

That meme is exactly why we must learn to let go of worldly garbage once we learn of its deception. Another reason is so we stay in repentance and don't fall for the same deception again. Remember, if it has to do with the game of narcissism, it will have deception at its core. After all, we learn that manipulation is deception and this serves another reason for letting go of worldly garbage. 

When we let go of worldly garbage by no longer thinking about it or talking about it, we can live and breathe a lot easier. We are able to protect our peace better too. If you are new to this concept about worldly garbage, it takes learning to unlearn worldly garbage before we can let it go. Once we learn of the deception and stop falling for it, we let it go and keep moving forward in our purpose and protecting our peace! 



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