The Importance of A Connected Mind, Body, & Spirit

In Acts 24:15, we are told of a rising of the righteous and the unrighteous. We are seeing this occur right now in the world. 

The importance of the connection between mind, body, and spirit lies within the ability to deal with the crazy making in the world. We are witnessing, and not for the first time, a rising of a new generation of righteousness. Naturally, this includes an uptick in the unrighteousness. 

If we are dissociated from our mind, body, and spirit, stress and negative influences will affect us in ways that cause personal suffering. God does not want His children suffering. God loves us and His love is everlasting. It is filled with peace. When we are connected in mind, body, and spirit, we can feel God’s presence in our lives. 

Even if that connection is in its infancy, we know He is with us. We will experience less stress, and the chaos out there created by the rulers of the darkness of this world no longer bothers us. As that connection grows stronger, we begin to see what God needs us to see.

At the same time, the stronger connection will bring forth attacks from the unrighteous who will try to abuse us, hoping to re-traumatize us so we fall from grace. See, what they don’t understand, because they lack that connection with the Godhead, is they have no power over us.

We learn as that connection gets stronger that we have the power and authority inside us, given to us by our Savior Jesus, to tell those demon spirits to take a hike. I repeat this point often because it is crucial to understand, as it is the foundation for keeping our emotions regulated. 

The wicked ones out there want to keep people emotionally fired up, running in all the wrong directions, to feed their master beast, the devil himself. When people are stressed, the chaos that ensues is often due to their own making. Many blame God for their suffering. That is incorrect.  

Man causes man to suffer. God has nothing to do with that. When we connect in mind, body, and spirit, we naturally become calmer. Our ability to put away the childish behaviors and emotions becomes instinctive. We learn to discern when an emotional trigger belongs to someone else. The unrighteous will try to project their childish things onto the righteous. 

We refer to the spiritual battle as one between empaths (righteous) and narcissists (unrighteous). But we must remember that we are all sinners and that repentance is key to maintaining salvation. The unrighteous simply don’t repent and they try to dump their toxicity onto others. 

When we are connected with the Godhead, the evildoers are easier to spot and their fiery darts of abusive tactics are easily thwarted. Remaining connected in mind, body, and spirit gives us the power to let whatever the unrighteous say and do roll off our backs. I like to say “return to sender” until they stop trying to send me their toddler feelings. 

Staying connected in mind, body, and spirit keeps the trauma triggers (fiery darts of the wicked) far away from us. We, in turn, continue to grow and heal to do the things our heart needs us to do, coming from and working for the Godhead.

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