Overcoming Trauma Triggers

When we trust God's process, He will help us in everything we need help with. And He helps us overcome trauma triggers so we can fully heal and mature while becoming more Christ-like. Like the healing process, overcoming the triggers also takes time, space, and patience. 

As mentioned in the October 2022 newsletter, once we identify and assess the trigger we can then process it and let it go, knowing it did not come from the God spirit within us. That is because God is a God of peace, calm, joy, happiness, love, and authenticity, so there is no way that trauma triggers are coming from within us. Remember, the enemy wants to keep people traumatized, and naturally that tells us the triggers are coming from the devil himself. 

Why does the enemy do that? Because he wants to keep people trauma bonded to the world and all things external to feed his illusion of control and power. By overcoming the trauma triggers, we further take our power from God back and the enemy fears the day we do this, for he no longer has any strongholds over us. We break the chains of the trauma bonds each time we overcome a trigger. 

A significant part of this process is breaking that dependency on external validation because when we do this, we are able to more easily identify a trauma trigger. We lose the dependency on all things external because we understand that we only need to depend on God, who is internal and is the only validation we need. If you are still struggling with breaking that dependency on external validation, here is one video and here is another video to help you with that. 

Once we make it past that step, overcoming trauma triggers becomes more natural and we learn that those triggers are part of the package of fiery darts the enemy likes to throw at us. And we can understand better that fiery darts are external and they come from the lake of fire (aka hell). Overcoming trauma triggers allows us to gain better control over our own emotions and shut off that mental empathy switch when we sense the low vibration, negative energy in any environment. In turn, we are able to master remaining calm in any circumstance because we know whatever negative emotional energy is being thrown is not coming from within us. 

As always, if you have any further questions about overcoming trauma triggers, don't hesitate to reach out! If you are interested in learning how the trauma bond is formed, which is another helpful way to overcome triggers, you can check out the course, "How the Trauma Bond is Formed" to learn more and enroll to level up your healing and spiritual growth. See you there!




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